5 lessons from long term travel in your twenties

5 Lessons We Learned From Long-Term Travel in Our Twenties (+ Why It’s the Best Decision We Made)

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This post has been a long time coming! We actually wrote the original draft over a year ago as a guest post for a friend’s site. We recently needed to hear these reflections again ourselves and so we wanted to rewrite and share our lessons with our community here. Somehow, over two years have gone by since our backpacking trip …

The things you learn in medical school that have nothing to do with medicine - leor krichilsky quarter for your crisis

The Things You Learn In Medical School that Have Nothing to Do with Medicine (and Everything to Do with Life)

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This is a guest post written by Leor Krichilsky. With graduation approaching, people always ask me if it feels like the time has flown by. On the one hand, yes. It is surreal to think that in a few short months, I’ll be starting my first “adult” job and possibly leaving the Northeast for the first time. However, on the …

how do we feel about our feelings

Inception: How do you feel about your feelings?

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This is a guest post by Tara Kemp. Those who know me well know that if I’m not talking about food, I’m probably talking about feels. I don’t know what it’s like to live in anyone else’s head/heart balance so I’m not trying to compare here, but relatively speaking, I’ve always felt things deeply—and, for better or worse, analyzed my …

How to Build Your Own Wordpress Website Without Breaking the Bank or Pulling Your Hair Out

How to Build Your Own WordPress Website Without Breaking the Bank or Pulling Your Hair Out

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This long-winded post has been a long time coming. Almost all that Pete and I know about web design is self taught, aside from a few basic classes in college. When we started QFYC as a blog back in 2014, we had to teach ourselves everything from what is hosting, how to use WordPress, and how to blog. Thankfully, we both …

Instagram’s New Update: Sharing Multiple Photos + Videos

Instagram’s New Update: Sharing Multiple Photos + Videos

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Ever since Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, the photo-sharing platform has slowly started to incorporate Facebook-like features. Some of the new updates have included: Allowing longer video posts Using Facebook’s ad platform to promote on Instagram Account switching (one of our personal favorites if you have a personal + business profile!) Instagram stories + live videos Business profiles + insights And …

7 Tips for Staying Productive- A Guide to Growing Your Side Hustle

7 Tips for Staying Productive: A Guide to Growing Your Side Hustle

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This post was originally published on our sister company, Shoobie Media‘s, blog. Now that we’re combining forces + passion, we wanted to share it with our community here as well! Every month, thousands of creative entrepreneurs gather together across the world to discuss different topics as they relate to growing and building your own business. This month, the Rising Tide …

Finding Joy in 2017

Finding Joy in 2017

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This year, we’re taking our first few days to get serious about our goals and intentions for 2017. We’re talking goal setting, writing, brainstorming, lots of dreaming, and more importantly, lots of planning. If you’ve been a part of the QFYC family for a while now, you’ve hopefully been receiving our monthly doses of our intentional newsletter (if not, you …